Rosa's All-Stars Band Feat. Chicago Blues Legend


Thu, Aug 1, 2024

Rosa's All-Stars Band Feat. Chicago Blues Legend

with Tony Mangiullo , Thaddeus Krolicki and Harlan Terson

Omar Coleman is a rising blues star from Chicago's West Side, renowned for seamlessly blending authentic Chicago blues with soulful influences. Immersed in the city's rich musical heritage, Coleman discovered his passion for the harmonica and blues through interactions with musician clients at his former barbershop.

His albums on Delmark Records, like "Born & Raised" and "Westside Soul," showcase Coleman's distinctive sound - soulful vocals, masterful harmonica playing, and a fusion of blues and soul that resonates with both genres' enthusiasts. Critics praise him as "the real deal" and a torchbearer carrying Chicago's blues tradition into the future.

With dynamic live performances and a seasoned band, Omar Coleman has solidified his place as a new generation bluesman, delivering beautiful personal compositions that pay homage to the city's musical legacy while infusing it with his own soulful flair.

Tony Mangiullo

Tony Mangiullo was born in Milan, Italy, in 1958. His musical journey began with makeshift instruments like detergent boxes and kitchen utensils between ages 3 and 5. By 14, he received his first drum set. Fascinated by Chicago Blues, he co-founded the Mean Mistreaters Blues Band in Milan. In 1978, after meeting Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy, he moved to Chicago. There, he played at iconic venues like Theresa's Lounge with legends such as John Primer and Sammy Lawhorn. He later collaborated with artists like James Scott, Big Mojo Elem, Homesick James, and Big Walter Horton. Eventually, he joined the Jimmy Rogers Blues Band. In 1984, Tony opened Rosa's Lounge, named after his mother, Rosa, who had joined him in Chicago. His journey is marked by passion, dedication, and a deep reverence for blues heritage.

Thaddeus Krolicki

Thaddeus burst upon the Chicago Blues scene in 2011. His guitar playing draws upon the Classic Chicago Blues sound. He has played with Harmonica Hinds, Eddie Taylor Jr, Willie Buck, Billy Flynn, Barrelhouse Chuck, Bob Stroger, Lil' Ed Williams, Jimmy Burns, Eddie C. Campbell, Tail Dragger.

Harlan Terson

Harlan Lee Terson has been a familiar figure on Chicago's musical landscape for 40 years, recording and touring internationally with some of Chicago's greatest blues artists. He has played bass on more than forty five recordings and jingles, two of which have been nominated for the Grammy award. He maintains a busy performing and teaching schedule, contributing his deep, steady groove to various bands and projects.