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Bag End loudspeakers

Bag End loudspeakers began In 1976 in a small shop by people dedicated to the pursuit of making high quality loudspeaker systems. Over the decades Bag End has employed the very best construction techniques and innovative acoustical designs into their products. The ground breaking introductions of Time-Align and ELF Technologies into sound reinforcement and studio monitor loudspeakers in the 1980’s was followed by Minima One self-powered systems, the highly unique E-Trap electronic bass trap and the Neptune series of ultra performance high power systems. Over the decades Bag End has been a leader in providing uniquely good sounding products and extraordinary service to our customers world wide.

Victoria Amplifiers

In 1993, I set out to faithfully recreate the crown jewels among the many classic amplifiers developed by Leo Fender. The tweed amps of the late 50’s defined the sound of rock and blues on vinyl and on stage, but they had also become increasingly scarce, and well beyond the reach of most working musicians.Victoria Amplifier is recognized for having succeeded in recapturing the classic sound, design, and American craftsmanship embodied in the tweed line, while offering players a wide range of subtle and sometimes whimsical variations on a theme. Victoria circuits have always been completely faithful to the originals, using the correct capacitors, resistors, transformers, pots, and eyelet boards. Each pine cabinet is crafted in the precise manner of those built in the ’50s, and covered in lacquered cotton tweed that is still woven today by the original manufacturer.

1 Fine Tune

1 Fine Tune has provided services for professional musicians, venues and enthusiasts for over 6 years. We are available for everything from regular maintenance, cleaning and repair to restoring, recovering, polishing, re-edging, re-wrapping a drumline and more. We also have a tech division.Additionally, we specialize in the custom manufacturing of drums to your specifications. So if for any reason you’re not satisfied by the sound or response of your drums, if you’re getting ready for a project and you want to nail that “killer” drum sound give us a call at (708) 733-4274 to schedule your appointment. 1 Fine Tune is firmly committed to meeting the special needs of its customers. Everyone is treated alike here, no matter if you’re a top name drummer or just someone who plays for fun. With decades of proven skills in providing repair services, performers, managers and venue’s do appreciate Grant’s long standing professionalism in this field.Some of Grant’s clients have been Kahri Parker (Studio session drummer/George Benson/American Idol), Cedric Crout(drum tech for Mary J. Blige), Danya Thompson (drummer for Kelly Clarkson & Destiny’s Child), United States Navy, Members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra just to name a few.