Ivan Singh Band :: Rising Blues Sensation From Argentina


Sat, Aug 17, 2024

Ivan Singh Band :: Rising Blues Sensation From Argentina

Ivan Singh, a 29-year-old guitarist from Córdoba, Argentina, has carved out a distinct style that revolves around his unique "Lata de Batata" can-box-guitar and his exceptional approach to playing it. Born and raised in Argentina, Singh has brought his unique blend of traditional Argentine and classic Chicago blues to the heart of the Windy City's music scene.

Fusing the soulful rhythms and emotive scales of the Argentine music with the raw energy of Chicago's iconic blues bars, Singh has created a sound that is both fresh and deeply rooted in history. Through tireless performances and community collaborations, he is carving out a distinctive space for himself in the competitive Chicago blues arena.

Singh's live performances have seen him sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Chris Cain, John Primer, Super Chican, Slam Allen, Lurrie Bell, Lil Ed, Cedric Burnside, Mike Wheeler, and Jimmy Burns, among others. His innovative approach has not only introduced a new perspective to the blues but has also inspired others to explore the cross-pollination of musical traditions.

As he continues to captivate audiences with his soulful and boundary-breaking artistry, Ivan Singh is cementing his legacy as a true ambassador of the blues, connecting the sounds of Argentina and Chicago in a way that transcends geographical and cultural barriers. He is a living testament to the genre's universal language and its power to bridge diverse cultures.