John Primer & The Real Deal Blues Band: "..ain't nothing but chicken wings with hot sauce"


Sat, Jul 27, 2024

John Primer & The Real Deal Blues Band: "..ain't nothing but chicken wings with hot sauce"

John Primer: A Chicago Blues Living Legend

John Primer has undisputedly helped shape the sound and style of Chicago blues. The echoes of tradition from the birthplaces he played, such as Maxwell Street, Theresa's, Checkerboard, and Rosa's Lounge, can be heard in every chord he plays. John Primer is a true Chicago Blues Living Legend.

Born in 1945 on a Mississippi sharecropper's land, Primer was inspired by his family's hard work, field songs, and the blues. His dream was to one day play with the legendary Muddy Waters.

In 1963, Primer moved to Chicago and began his journey to becoming a great bluesman. He started with a steady gig at the legendary Maxwell Street and then played seven nights a week for seven years at the famous Theresa's Lounge, where he was taught by the founding fathers of the blues.

Primer's talent caught the attention of Willie Dixon, who took him on tour with his Chicago Blues All-Stars Band. In 1981, Primer's dream came true when he got to play with Muddy Waters, who called him to lead his band, a life-changing experience.

After Muddy's passing, Primer joined Magic Slim & The Teardrops for 14 years, traveling the world. In 1995, he began leading his own band, The Real Deal Blues Band. Primer has been recorded on more than 87 albums, with 17 under his own name, and has written and produced over 55 songs.

Primer's contributions to the blues have been widely recognized. He has received two Grammy Award nominations, two Lifetime Achievement Awards, been inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, awarded the "Muddy Award," and won numerous Blues Music Awards and Blues Blast Awards. John Primer is a true Chicago Blues Icon, whose music continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.